Robert Mellino
President, Chief Executive Officer | RAM Real Estate and Financial Services
Robert Mellino, President, Chief Executive Officer | RAM Real Estate and Financial Services

Robert Mellino is the president and chief executive officer of RAM Real Estate and Financial Services, a real estate and financial company that assists consumers in buying both commercial and residential real estate. The company also offers services in property listings/sales and business consulting, residential, commercial, and business loans services, as well as RAM business consulting enterprise modeling and simulations system. This business analytics application supports modeling and simulation on an enterprise scale, and is provided by a top-down view of the client's company that supports strategic planning while simultaneously enabling a wide spectrum of individuals to apply modeling to individual projects.

Mr. Mellino is an industry veteran who has 30 years of professional experience and has been in his current position for the past 13 years. He is known throughout the industry for his expertise and knowledge of the real estate market, residential, SBA, and commercial loans, and securing the appropriate debt or equity funding. As the president and CEO of the company, Mr. Mellino is tasked with handling daily operations, managing transactions for both residential and commercial real estate, consulting, performing risk analysis, offering small business workshops for entrepreneurs, formulating business strategies, identifying options for businesses and suggesting recommendations for improvement, and providing resources to implement solutions to the business or individual. He attributes his success to his hard work and ability to understand his clients, treating them with respect, honesty, and the highest of integrity. He is also an avid reader of business periodicals that keep him up to date on what affects the small business investor in an effort to better serve his clients. Mr. Mellino thoroughly enjoys helping people fulfill their American dream by being instrumental in assisting with their business startups.


They say,"You are who you associate yourself with." - Bob

With more than 200 connections on LinkedIn, Mr. Mellino understands the importance of building a strong professional network. Both his colleagues and clients have endorsed him for his expertise in investment, real estate transactions, short sales, referrals, foreclosures, negotiations, selling, real estate financing and general real estate, as well as more specific areas, such as single family homes, property, real estate development, strategic planning, commercial real estate, REO, small business, marketing, relocation, construction, residential homes, listings, real property, townhomes, HUD, selling and first-time home buyers.


PHONE: (831) 233-2229                  EMAIL: MELLINOROB@OUTLOOK.COM

Robert Mellino
President, Chief Executive Officer
RAM Real Estate and Financial Services
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